Automatic time tracking - mainly intended for accounting firms, lawyers, investment houses, architects, etc. who want to get accurate information about the working hours of each employee and the time spent on each client. In this mode, the time tracking software that we offer, will display a limited number of windows for simpler operation of the software and without project management. The system is installed quickly and easily at each employee workstation and at the manager's workstation. After entering the clients names into the system (a one-time action taken from the manager's workstation and including nicknames, acronyms, etc.) The software will automatically report work hours in each of the employees' workstations each time a window or program opens that that is related to one of the entered customers. For example, accounting software, email, office, design software, etc. It is also a time management software that allows monitoring of windows or non-work related software. You can send chat messages between employees, perform screenshots and more. The software allows the user to set or cancel the monitoring completely, or only turn on cretin monitoring features, thus maintaining user privacy. The software can be installed in silent mode so that the software will not be displayed at all on the employee's computer and will not be felt or interfere with his/her work.

Install the software

Register on the form at the bottom of the page and download the software

After installation, enter your customer list as it appears in various software

Support for aliases and secondary names
Each customer can add aliases or other identifying details such as an ID card for more detailed identification of the various software

Adding employees
Adding employees to the system before installing software on employee stations

Add more clients
Add clients from the client screen or the Quick Insert control

Install the software on the stations from which you want to receive reports

Installing the software at the stations from which you wish to receive a report

After installation you can login with the user information created for the employee

Enables the automatic detection mechanism in the workstations from which you want to receive reports

Hidden mode
You can enable hidden mode in the workstations where you want to receive reports so that the employee will not have to mess around with or be aware of the program

Get accurate reports!

Entering the tracking screen and receiving data in real time

Main Monitoring Report

Analysis by customer

Analysis by employee

Work hours summary


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