ChanJit, revolutionary software that does what no one has ever done.
This is the only software in the world! Which can measure and monitor in real time the performance of employees in the organization, and show you the most accurate data on employee productivity and efficiency.
In other words, you get a picture of the situation, which you can actually see in it, what each employee did, every minute, from the moment he entered the shift, to the end.
The CPA's office has never had the ability to know exactly what employees 'exact output is about the customers' hourly pricing, and not because they do not want to, but to date there has been no technological solution to meet this important need.
An accounting firm necessarily generates its money through the time of its employees, as opposed to the hours it collects from customers, but in order to know what the actual output is, we have to pin a person to look at the nature and progress of the work for each employee.

From today, ChanJit does everything. The software will transfer to your screen, accurate and detailed analysis on all employees in real time. The software will display the data graphically and in a few parameters so that you can see how much time has been invested in each customer and every employee!