ChanJit Task Management and Time Tracking software is a powerful tool that makes it easy for the office to manage and work.
With ChanJit you can easily manage tasks, add, update and track with the click of a button!
The system is built in a simple way and enables the employee to concentrate on his tasks, to be updated, to update automatically and without unnecessary preoccupation with issues unrelated to his work.

The system is shown to the employee as a floating task window with the option to position throughout the screen area. And presents the employee with his tasks in order of importance.
The employee can choose his tasks and even add new tasks at the touch of a button.
In addition, the employee is presented with an up-to-date picture of the progress of the task by tracking the work time that has been done so far on the task and alerts about approaching the end of the time allotted for the task or if the time has elapsed.
You can also edit advanced task details, assign tasks to other employees, update images, etc.
With this tool, the employee learns to evaluate the time of his tasks more accurately and to meet the implementation times.
The software also updates the status of progress in real time, saving the worker unnecessary time in reporting progress to his managers.

On the part of the manager, ChanJit gives important information about progress from all employees on the project status to the task level in an innovative view and at the click of a button.
Information that until now could not be achieved with such precision and completely automated without the need to obtain the information manually from every employee and employee in the office.
The manager can also be updated in real time on those tasks or customers currently working and make changes and updates easily and in real time.
In addition, with the help of innovative design tools built in a tree structure, it is possible to plan projects, tasks, bugs and more quickly, simply and with a single glance at the entire structure of the project.