ChanJit PC allows you to quickly and efficiently manage tasks for your employee and
By using a simple and convenient interface, you can work in any method suitable for you or
your office, with maximum control of the progress and efficiency of the work.

One common problem with office / office management is to respond or update in real time to
the changes required in the work process.
ChanJit simplifies the process and gives you the possibility as an employee or manager to
be real-time aware of what is being done in your company or scoop and respond
From tasks that went beyond their time and vice versa to bottlenecks that cause delays, with
ChanJit all important relevant information is available at the click of a button to
make it easier for you to see what is important and make changes in time.

With the Floating Tasks window, an employee is able to perform his work without interruption
and without dealing with irrelevant issues such as entering a complex
system for managing or reporting his tasks.
The task window will show the employee only the tasks that are relevant to him and rank
them according to their importance so that you can always know at the click of a button
what is the most important task at the moment when the employee should concentrate,
automatically report the progress of the task, receive and report real-time alerts on the
progress of the task or time deviations.

Effectiveness test
ChanJit enables you to test the effectiveness of your work and your employees by accurately
analyzing your overall office time compared to the effective work time on
tasks, allowing you to be aware of what is really going on in the office and how to optimize
your work.

Drawing conclusions for the future
By analyzing the specific hours of each task performed, it is possible to improve the ability to
evaluate future tasks and to manage them more correctly in the future.

A look at controlling multiple clients, projects, sprints and tasks in parallel!
With an innovative control you can see at a glance and in real time the progress of multiple
projects, clients, and tasks in parallel! Track the progress of several different
teams at the same time!
And make changes and adjustments quickly and easily.

Long-term or short-term planning
With tools such as the Gantt Chart, you can plan tasks and dependencies on tasks for
different ranges of the project and / or sprints.

Predict successes or problems ahead of time
With ChanJit's "waterfall" chart, you can predict success in goals by using the UserPoints
method from the Scrum Agile methodology.