We aim to add advanced time-saving features and automated detection features to simple task management processes.
We can reduce a ton of human error (filling a time sheet manually is so last century ...), and save time, both in the task management process and in determining human error.
With the exact data collected, you can get a clearer picture of what's going on, and what's wrong, and then you can just change it!

Automatic clients work time tracking

Mainly intended for accounting firms, lawyers, investment houses, architects, etc. who want to get accurate information about the working hours of each employee and the time spent on each client, with minimal user intervention.

Track tasks based on nested windows/titles
browser tabs, worksheets and other apps, each can be connect to a different task to track

Quickly import clients :
Add all your clients from any program that exports to CSV or a spreadsheet

Support for aliases and secondary names
Each customer can add aliases or other identifying details such as an ID card for better detection of when a client is being worked on

Automatic detection and tracking
Auto detect new windows you work on and popup a task connection window

Straightforward Task management "

Create tasks to track, see their progress and group them for ease of use

Use timesheets to have a view of your progress and tasks for today

Manage tasks
Create tasks and associate them with your clients and project .

Get an overview of the tasks, their progress and state. Figure out your workforces’ bottlenecks and extra capacity with a few glances

Collaborate and see reports

Use simple graphs and collaboration tools to direct work in the short term, and once enough data has been collected, use advanced graphs to analyse past performance and formulate a long term strategy

Get a glance

Top View
See who’s online, and what they are working on

A picture is worth a thousand words, but most times you need just a few

Details time chart
See the finer details

Comprehensive Project Management

So, you need to scale up beyond a few tasks?
Need to divide your tasks by time into sprints?
Need to group your tasks into User stories?
Need to support an Agile worflow?
Switch into project management mode, and ChanJit has got you covered with easy and powerful tools and advanced charts and reports

Project Management

Time Tracking Charts

Burn Down Charts

Gantt Charts

Introducing: the "VelociTree" Control
The most visual, fast and easy way to organize all of your company in tree form, from the company level to the last task.

Support multiple project management methods !
Organize your projects in a specific method for each project: Scrum Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid

Project management method Guideline tutorials!
Highlight planning issues related to each project's management method!

Progress overview!
View completed items and get a top level perspective fast!

Easy drag and drop!
Arrange your tasks easily and intuitively!

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