Get better insights on your business and improve your productivity as well as profitability

Measure time used to work on clients

Automatically track the actual work time being done on office clients. Discover who are the clients who have the most time spent on them.

Add, edit and track tasks easily

An innovative Task window that can be placed anywhere on the screen and add, update or choose tasks with a click of a button, see your task progress in real time and more!

Live Updates

Built in chat, live users view and the tasks they are working on, advanced project management tools, automatic screenshots and more

Profitability report

Find out how much profitable you are by each client using an innovative algorithm that calculates the ratio between the cost of the employee and the income from the client and improve your office profitability by tens of percents!

Manage teams and get updates in real time

Track the time spent on tasks relevant for the projects or time spent on irrelevant stuff

Powerful Reports

Get information about websites and application usage , task and client breakdowns, employee attendance and effectivity. Use them to gain powerful insights about your work


Screenshots from the application

  • Employees Work Report
  • Tracking window
  • Create & Plan From a Tree
  • Clients & Tasks Report
  • Task Board
  • Burn Down
  • Profit Report
  • Time sheets
  • Gantt Chart